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Meg Roberts

Certified Coach Practitioner

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®


Meg Roberts

Meg Roberts is a former Police Officer, a current University student over half way through her Psychology BA, and a Certified Coach Practitioner. Meg's passion for life coaching and psychology was developed through many years of digging deep herself and having to learn the hard way multiple times throughout her life.

 In 2012 Meg experienced a death that was far too soon in her family. This death opened her eyes to the reality among us all; mortality. Although Meg had witnessed hardships, tragedy, and death on a regular basis through her job, it never really hit her just how fragile and precious this life is, and why it is so important to do what makes you happy.

Following this experience, Meg decided to move her career to a bigger city in hopes to have the light in side of her reignited. Quitting policing didn’t seem to be an option, as it was something she worked so hard for. Not to mention, it was a financially stable job with endless benefits.

At first she was living the dream and loving her new life. She not only found the work to be exciting and gratifying but she also met the love of her life as a result of her relocation.

 The honeymoon stage with her newfound love blossomed into a solid and dependable relationship, but the honeymoon stage in her career vanished quickly.

 In 2014 Meg shared a message with many of her close friends and family, pleading for support and advice in relation to her career. Meg had been a Police Officer since 2008 and so many times felt stuck and capable of so much more. Policing is an admirable job and those who make the decision to pursue it should be commended. However, for many years, despite loving many parts of the job and being good at it, Meg knew from the depths of her soul that policing was not her calling, and she was determined to find out what was.

Meg’s career continued to grow and she found herself in a position she found satisfying, but highly stressful, and required her to sacrifice a lot of her personal life. It was exhausting, never ending, and soul sucking because it did not align with any of her core values in terms of life balance. Meg knew she had to make some changes, and the love of her life Nick was on board right alongside her. The two of them came up with an attainable five-year plan and the journey to a new, more abundant life, began.

Only weeks after this newfound plan was crafted, Meg was hit with a life changing tragedy.  Nick died suddenly in an Avalanche while snowmobiling only months before Meg was supposed to marry him and one month after she purchased the most beautiful wedding dress she had ever seen.

Meg’s heart was shattered and her world had completely fallen a part.

On February 20, 2016 Meg was given a life she didn’t ask for and one she could have never prepared for. Meg truly believed she had only two choices; she either lived or she didn’t.

Meg chose to live and when she chose to live she wasn’t choosing to merely exist, she was choosing to live in a way that was courageous, intentional, and always aligning with her soul.

Courageous Life Coaching was one of Meg’s aspirations, and it has been built on the premise that you can truly take control of your own story as long as you have a will to do so. Anything is possible and undesirable circumstances do not have to destroy you, nor do they have to define you.

In August 2019 Meg became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® through the Grief Recovery Institute and can not wait to be able to provide such a powerful program to her clients.

Meg has made it her life's mission to live on purpose and wants nothing more than to encourage others to do the same.

For more on Meg’s journey after loss, please click on the link below:

“Resilience is not a fixed personality trait. It’s a LIFELONG project.”
– Adam Grant-

My resilience project did not begin when Nick died, and it will not end now that things are becoming less sharp. I have read and learned a lot about resilience, and when I read this quote, I realized just how important it is to remind people that we can get through anything, and do anything, as long as we NEVER give up.