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How to View Failure

Failure has such a negative stigma attached to it, but why? In life, we all fail a time or two. Some more often than others. It’s an inevitable experience for everyone and yet, it’s something that fosters such a great deal of shame within us when it happens.

Failure can come in so many different forms. Losing a job or not getting the job in the first place. Break ups or rejections. Not reaching goals or not making the ‘right’ goal in the first place. Failures can include ‘failing’ a test, or ‘failing’ an important project in school. Maybe you failed on your annual assessment or you didn’t pass the requirement for a promotion.

When experiencing failure some may ask how they should view the failure. In some cases many may wonder how they can view the failure positively and perhaps make peace with failure.

How to Learn From Life Lessons

How to Learn From Life Lessons

Building a Lesson Bank

Ever since February 20, 2016, the day that forever changed my life, I have made an effort to document almost every experience I have had in which I learn something. I don’t share all of the documentations and the majority of them are written privately in my personal journals, but I always take a moment to deconstruct experiences in my life that I would consider lessons. 

So what do I call this practice of documentation you ask? I call it my lesson bank. It’s pretty simple. I have created a literary bank which contains stories, experiences, events both personal and non-personal, mistakes, triumphs, hardships and so on, where I keep track of things I have learned, for my own reflection and perhaps someone else’s reflection some day in the form of a legacy.